Youth & Team Strength & Conditioning For Sport Performance

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Fulcrum Athletics will now be offering Olympic Weightlifting for Sports Performance; strength & conditioning training cycles for local youth athletics and sports teams. The objective is to teach and train young athletes to improve their strength, power, speed, stamina and coordination which will translate to a better on-field athlete. For those athletes that are between seasons, or as a way to stay in shape during the off season, weightlifting is a perfect skill to practice which will directly improve future competition performance and overall fitness.

Benefits of strength & conditioning:

  1. Reduces risk of practice and competition related sports injuries.
  2. Better general physical preparedness which will translate to all sports and better health.
  3. Builds a superior athlete who is stronger, faster, more powerful and has better stamina than his/her opponent.

Olympic Weightlifting is something that most coaches/ strength coaches avoid because they don’t know how to teach it, much less lift themselves. However, those youth athletes that plan to go on to college for sports will be exposed to it then, as it has become a larger component of many collegiate strength & conditioning programs across the country. Introducing it at a young age will help youth athletes improve overall movement and put them a step ahead of the game as the level of competition in sport grows. It is misunderstood as being dangerous when in actuality, is one of the safest forms of lifting when taught correctly.

Benefits of learning the basics of Olympic weightlifting:

  1. Most optimal way to train and improve speed with change of direction; a quality important to all ground-based sports.
  2. The best way to train an athlete to absorb a dynamic load/force in a safe and balanced position.
  3. Training frequency allows for a quicker development of full-body strength and power.
  4. Weightlifting teaches an athlete how to efficiently apply force against the ground and improve their rate of force production. This leads to improved coordination, balance and overall better movement mechanics.

Classes will meet twice per week and are limited to 12 athletes and are 90 minutes long running from 3:00PM to 4:30PM to ensure adequate warm-ups and cool-downs. Please fill out the form below if your interested in finding out some more information.


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