AD: Single Arm DB Row~ 10-12/arm x4 @20X0, Rest 90 sec b/t sets

L1: a) Stiff-legged DL~ 3×3, Rest 2-3Min

b) Core (Rotational)

c) 10 Min AMRAP “Ladder”
3 Box Jumps/ 3 Ring Rows
6 Box Jumps/ 6 Ring Rows
9 Box Jumps/ 9 Ring Rows
12 Box Jumps/ 12 Ring Rows…..
Continue up the ladder in increments of 3, as high as you can

L2/ L3: a) Gymnastics Skill work of choice for 15 Min

b) Row 60 Sec @ 95%
Rest 3 Min x 6
*Shut it down if you fall short of your numbers on the later sets