AD: Weighted Step-Ups~ 10-12/ leg x4 Sets, Rest 90 sec b/t sets

L1: a) Front Squat~ 10-12 x4@30X1, Rest 2:30 b/t sets

b) Handstand Progression/ holds: 30-45 Sec, 1Min Rest b/t sets x4

c) 12 Min AMRAP
10 DB Clean & Push Press
20 Sit Ups
10 OH Walking Lunge Steps

L2: a) SLDL~ 3×3

b) Back Squat~ 70%x2x3

L3: a) Power Clean + Power Jerk~ 5-8X (1+1) –work to a tough weight (for the day, based on feel) and complete 5-8 sets of 1 power clean + 1 power jerk.

b) Back Squat~ 70%x2x3

L2/L3 Conditioning:10 Min AMRAP
Double Unders
Wall Balls
Pull Ups
Rest 2 Min

10 Min AMRAP
Row 200M
Dead Lifts- Moderate
Toe 2 Bar

There is a reason there are not a number of reps associated with the exercises in the conditioning…