AD: a) Single Arm DB Row~ 10-12/arm x3 @20X0, Rest 90 sec b/t sets

b) Med Ball Russian Twist~ AMRAP (-2) in 30 Sec, Rest 1 Min x4

L1: a) RDL- 3×3

b) 3 Min AMRAP:
3 Box Jumps
3 Burpees
Rest 1 Min x 3- Goal is same output per set

L2/ L3: a) Jerk~ Heavy single

b) Back Squat~ 60%x2x3

c) Trap “3″ Raise~ 8-10/ side x3 Sets, Rest 2 Min b/t sets*If possible try to increase the weight a little from last week, if not, do a couple more reps/ set.  If you did these as part of the SP work, sub DB external rotations.

d) Row 60 sec @ 90%
Rest 4 Min x 6