AD/ L1: a) Strength Priority

b) 4 Sets, Partner Workout:
Partner 1 VS. Partner 2 For Reps
Partner 1- Row 500M
Partner 2- AMRAP Sandbag Thrusters
When Partner 1 Finishes their row, partner 2 must stop their Thrusters and switch to the row. Score is the total of each round

L2: a) High-Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch (just above knee)~ 5-8 Working Sets of (1+1)
*Must pause for 2-3 seconds at the bottom of the receiving position

b) Back Squat~ 70%x2x3

L3: a) Snatch~ Heavy Single

b) Back Squat~ 70%x2x3

L2/L3 Conditioning:10 Min AMRAP
8 Toe 2 Bar
8 Squat Cleans 95/65#
8 Hand Release Push Ups