L1: a) Front Squat~ 8-10 x4 @ 30X1, Rest 3 Min b/t sets

b) 5 Min AMRAP:
DB Thrusters x5
Burpees x5
Rest 3 Min

5 Min AMRAP:
KB Swing (Russian) x8
Situps x10
Rest 3 Min

5 Min AMRAP:
Box Jumps x5
Push ups x8

L2: a) RDL~ 4×5

b) Back Squat~ 60%x2x3, 1 Min Rest b/t sets

c) 20 Min AMRAP:
10 Push Press @ 50% of 1 RM
(Unbroken) Males: 10 T2B, Females: 8 K2E –that’s knees-to-elbows NOT knees-to-triceps!

*T2B/ K2E will get very hard, if not, be your limiting factor.  This being the case, you must rest to be sure to get the full set unbroken.  If unable to complete the set, you must rest and re-start until completed, unbroken.

L3: a) Clean~ heavy 3, 95%(of heavy 3) x3, 90%x3

b) Clean Pull~ 75% x5x4

c) Back Squat~ 60% x2x3

d) For Time:
10 Legless Rope Climbs
Rest 10 Min
50 HSPU, strict