L1: a) Clean Segment DL~ 6×3, Rest 3 Min b/t sets
*There must be a three second pause at 1″ off the floor, just below the knee and mid-thigh. 

b) Pull up work~ 10 Min

c) 4 Sets, :30 Sec Rest b/t sets:

Chinese DB Row x10/ arm
Push Ball x15

L2: a) Jerk Balance~ 5RM

b) Push Press~ 5RM, Guys only

c) Back Squat~ 60% x2x3

*L2 and L3 Women: Push Strength Priority

d) 3 Sets, 1 Min Rest b/t sets:

10 Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk

L3: a) Jerk~ 5RM

b) Push Press~ 5RM

c) Back Squat~ 60% x2x3

d) EMOTM for 12 Min:

5 Heavy KB Swings

2 Attempts @ AMRAP Unbroken D.U.’s