During this next cycle, the tempos and rest periods must be strict!  For some of you L2’s and L3’s, the volume of squatting will be very tough as it is of priority.  This has been taken into consideration with programming the rest of the workload.  If you need to modify the workload even more, please see us.  The clock will be running so it will be important that you keep track of your rest periods.  This is important to achieve the correct training response.  Also, there will be strength priority work for the L2’s and L3’s.

L1: a) Back Squat~ 8-10 x4 @30X1, Rest 3 Min b/t working sets

b) 3 Sets:

OH Plate Lunge x20
Sandbag Topside Half-moons x20
200M Sandbag Run

L2: a) Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance~ Heavy 5x(1+1), 95%x5x(1+1), 90%x5x(1+1)

b) Snatch Segment DL~ 6×3

c) Back Squat~ 65% x6x4 –Rest 90 seconds b/t sets

d) Strength Priority

L3: a) Muscle Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + Snatch Balance~ 5x (1+1+1)
*Work up to a weight that you can move efficiently to allow you to practice speed without losing form.  Complete all five complexes at the same weight.

b) Snatch Balance~ Heavy 5, 95%x5, 90%x5

c) Snatch Pull~ 75%x5x4

d) Back Squat~ 65%x6x4 –Rest 90 seconds b/t sets

L2/ L3 Women: (Instead of Today’s Strength Priority)

3 Sets:
AMRAP Ring Rows @40X0, 2 Min Rest b/t sets


3 Sets:
Drop Set Hammer Curls @20X0, 2 Min Rest b/t sets
(3 drops in weight per set)