L1: a) Front Squat~ Max

b) Clean Segment DL~ 10-15 Min technique review

c) 6 sets of:

:30 sec. AMRAP of Ring Rows (feet elevated if possible)
:30 sec. of rest
:30 sec. AMRAP of Jumping Split Lunges
:30 sec. of rest

L2:  Snatch Drop Technique~ 15 Min

* Add weight as you get comfortable.  Work to a max amount of weight for three reps where technique and form are not compromised and allowing a two second pause at the bottom of the squat.


A1: Max reps of unbroken pullups (COVP)
Rest :30 Sec
A2: Max reps of unbroken wall balls
Rest 3 Min x2 sets

B: 5 Min AMRAP of Double Unders

L3: a) Snatch Technique~ Hang Power Snatch + Heaving Snatch Balance

* Weight should be moderate to move quickly.  Two second pause at the bottom of the snatch balance

b) 6 Sets:

:25 Sec row for max meters
Rest 3:35