L1: a) Strength Priority

b) 3 Sets:

Push ups @ 21X1
Rest 3 Min b/t sets
*For each set go until tempo is broken, record reps

c) 4 Sets, 1 Min Rest b/t each set:

SA KB Swing x8/ arm
Situps x15
Hanging Knee Raise/ K2E x10

L2: a) Jerk~ work to a heavy single rep and complete 3-4 singles at that weight

b) “DT”

5 Rounds for Time:
12 DL’s
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Shoulder to OH
Men: 155lbs, Women: 105lbs

L3: a) Jerk~ 95% (of last week’s heavy single) x1x3

b) 4 Sets:

Strict Press x3
Rest :30
Pendlay Row x3
Rest 1 Min

c) 5 Sets:

3 Hang Power Snatch- tough
Airdyne: 10 sec @ 100%
Rest 3:20