CF Fitness
A. Seated Barbell Press 3×6-8
B. EMOM x 15 Minutes
Min 1: 3 Muscle Up transitions/ C2B Pullups/ Strict Pullups
Min 2: 5 DB Push Presses- Heavy for 5 reps
Min 3: 7 Single leg Box Squats

A. Push Press + Jerk 65% of push press (3+2)x3
B. EMOM x 15 Minutes
Min 1: 3 Ring Muscle Ups -strict if possible
Min 2: 5 Strict HSPU’s -use a deficit if possible
Min 3: 7 Pistols per leg

A. Pause Power Snatch (knee) 60% (of snatch) x2x6
B. Hang Clean + Jerk 65% (3+2) x4
C. Halting Clean Deadlift 85% (of clean) x6x4

A. Push Press 65% of push press x3x5
B. Bent Over Row 3×8-10, 1xAMQRP @-10%
C. Barbell High Pulls 2×12-14- rest 60 seconds b/t sets
D. DB Lateral Raises (1×8, 1×12, 1×14) x2 *rest 10-15 seconds b/t the sets of 8, 12, 14, and 90 seconds before running through the second time. This should use 3 sets of dumbells to account for 3 drops in weight in moving to each set of higher volume.

Accessory Work
A. Barbell Curls 3-5 x 10-12
B. Lying DB Skull Crushers 3-5 x 10-12
*Rest only around 60 seconds b/t working sets

**For those who are looking to put on more muscle mass/ tone, today’s accessory work can be done twice per week. However, in doing so, you may set up each day like this example;
Day 1; 3×10 Barbell curls
Day 2; 3×14 Barbell curls
The difference between the exercise set volume (10-14) will naturally change the loading; one heavier day, one lighter day. Keep in mind that exercises like these don’t benefit nearly as much from the loading as they do from a full & proper range of motion and total volume.