Warm Up;
Row or Bike- 2 Minutes
Then, 2 Sets;
Spiderman Stretch
Knee Stretch + Duck Walk/ Hop
Counterbalance Squat x6-8
3-5 Strict Pullups or Pullup Negatives
Specific Movement Prep/ Warm up, equipment setup; complete 2-4 good quality reps of each movement

*Note; the training today is NOT meant to be fast-paced. Focus more on the quality and precision of your movements, than the time it takes to complete each station. There should be plenty of rest built in so you’re not pressured to rush. If you need to modify the volume to maintain a more aerobic (sustainable) pace, do so!

CF Fitness
E3MOM x 45 Minutes (5 Sets)
Station 1; Run 300M
Station 2; 6-8 Ring Rows + 10 Incline Pushups + 10 Air Squats
Station 3; 10 Pullups or Jumping C2B Pullups  + 10 Wall Balls

E3MOM x 45 Minutes (5 Sets)
Station 1; Run 400M
Station 2; 3-5 Muscle Ups + 10 HR Pushups + 15 Air Squats
Station 3; 10 C2B Pullups + 15 Wall Balls 20/14lbs.