Monday 4/2, Week 7
Warm Up- 
Bike or Row 2 Minutes- steady pace
Then; 2 Sets
Spiderman Stretch
Counter- balance Squat x8-10
Hollow Rock/ Hold 10-20 reps/ seconds
SL Front foot elevated split squat x6/leg
*Press + Push Press + Jerk (1+1+1) -light to moderate- if following ‘Performance’ include this into your warm up, building in load

CF Fitness
A. Front Squat- 4×3 -Reference 3/26 for loading.
B. Every 3:30 x 4 Sets;
20 KB Swings or KB Stiff Legged Deadlift
10-15 Burpees
*Modify volume as necessary to keep working sets between :90 and 2 Minutes

A. Front Squat + Jerk (1+1) x3 @ 93% of Heavy RM
B. Every 3:30 x 4 Sets;
20 KB Swings 70/53lbs.
20 Burpees
*Reference 5/31

A. Snatch Balance- Build to a Heavy Single
B. Front Squat + Jerk (1+1) x3 @ 93% of Heavy RM
C. Snatch Pull- 105% (of sn.) x3x4

Tuesday 4/3
Warm Up- 2 Sets;
1 Minute DU Practice
30 second Shoulder Hang from Cage
Kneeling BTN Snatch Grip Press x8
Samson Stretch
Duck Walk

CF Fitness 
A. BTN Snatch Grip Push Press + Overhead Squat (1+3) x3-4 sets -build to a moderate load with good form, for all working sets. Only go as low into the OHS as you are able to maintain a structurally sound position. Reference 3/21 for loading.
B. 15-12-9 Reps for Time;
KB Squat Clean
Pullups or Ring Rows

A. Hang Snatch (hip)- 85-90%x1x3
B. 9-7-5 Reps for Time;
Power Clean @60%
Muscle Ups

Wednesday 4/4
Warm Up-
2 Minutes Bike or Row- steady pace
Then, 2 Sets;
Bulgarian Split Squat x6/leg
Kipping Swing x8
Hollow Hold x10-15 seconds
Goblet Squat x6-8

CF Fitness
A. Back Squat- 3×8 –Aim to increase weight from 3/28 by 5lbs.
B. 5 Sets;
2 Minutes Bike for Calories
Rest 2 Minutes

A. Back Squat- 93% of 5RM x5x3
B. 5 Sets;
2 Minutes Bike for Calories
Rest 2 Minutes

A. No Hook, No Feet Snatch- Build to a heavy single for the day
B. No Hook, No Feet Clean- Build to a heavy single for the day
C. Back Squat- 93% of 5RM x5x3

Thursday 4/5
Bike 3 Minutes -steady
Then, 2 Sets;
Spiderman Stretch
Loaded Front Rack Hold 15-20 sec.
Knee & Ankle Stretch
Front Foot Elevated Split Squat x6

CF Fitness
A. Hang Power Clean + Front Squat (1+1) *Increase your working sets from 3/29 by 5-10lbs. to complete 6 sets.
B. Every 3 Minutes x 5 Sets;
10-12 Jumping C2B or Jumping Pullups
12-15 Incline Pushups
15 Mixed DU’s or 50 Jump Rope

A. Hang Clean (from hip) 85-90%x1x3
B. Every 3 Minutes x 5 Sets;
15 Pullups
20 Hand Release Pushups
25 DU’s
*Reference 7/5

Friday 4/6
Warm Up;
Row 3 Minutes- steady pace
2 Rounds;
Hollow Rock/ Hold x 10-20 reps/seconds
SL Glute Bridge x6
Samson Stretch
Supinated Grip Lat Stretch
EMOM x 9 Minutes
Min 1: 6-8 Lunges or Step Ups -use a light weight if possible
Min 2: 2-5 Deadlifts (build to 70% during this warm up)
Min 3: Row 5 Calories

CF Fitness
For Time;
12 Deadlifts –Light
10 Lunges or Step Ups
15/10 Calorie Row
8 Deadlifts –Moderate
16 Lunges or Step Ups
20/15 Calorie Row
4 Deadlifts –Heavy
20 Lunges or Step Ups
25/20 Calorie Row

For Time;
12 Deadlifts @ 55%
12 Jumping Lunges
20/15 Calorie Row
8 Deadlifts @ 65%
24 Jumping Lunges
25/20 Calorie Row
4 Deadlifts @ 75%
36 Jumping Lunges
30/25 Calorie Row

A. Pause Snatch + Snatch- Build to a heavy set
B. Double Pause (at knee on clean, and the dip during the jerk drive) C&J- Build to a heavy set

Saturday 4/7

CF Fitness & Performance 

In teams of 2, 1 partner works while other rests, alternating every 30 seconds:
50 HSPU or DB Push Press (loading should be heavy)
75 T2B or Hanging Knee Raises
100 Burpee Box Jumps or Step Ups
100 Wall Balls 20/14lbs.
75 Pullups or Jumping Pullups
50 Calorie Bike –may substitute row

*Reference 5/13

Accessory Work

*The Accessory work listed below can be done at any time during the week. However, it would be best to complete it earlier in the week if possible, or after the CF Open workouts like during weekend Open Gym times. For exercises that have set and rep ranges, start out by warming up to a moderate intensity, and complete the minimal number of sets and reps for the first week. Then, each week, if able to increase load and stay within the prescribed rep range, do so. If not able to increase load, increase the volume either by number of reps per set within the given rep range, or total number of sets.

  • Barbell Curls 3-5 sets of 10-12 Reps
  • Lying DB Skull Crushers 3-5 sets of 10-12 Reps
  • Barbell High Pulls 2-4 Sets of 12-14 Reps
  • Glute-ham Raises 3-5 Sets of 10-15 Reps
  • KB Side Bends 3-5 Sets of 12-15 Reps per side