**Our athlete meeting is on Sunday 1/14 at 10am. There will NOT be open gym on Sunday. Kettlebell Kitchen will be setting up a tasting for anyone who wants to try, following our meeting at 11am. For anyone who wants to get their body composition tested, Coach Gwen will be in the gym at 9am on Sunday to run the InBody machine from Wicked Good Chiropractic! This may be a useful tool for some, for a more accurate nutrition template design which we will be going over in the meeting. Please contact Gwen if you’re interested!

Monday 1/8, Week 7
Warm Up;
Bike or Row 2 Minutes- steady pace
Spiderman Stretch
Counter- balance Squat x8-10
SL Glute Bridge x6/side

CF Fitness
A. Back Squat (to box) 4×6 -Reference Jan. 3rd, us the same weight across all four sets.
B. Every 3 Minutes x 6 Sets;
8 KB Squat Cleans -moderate
10 Calorie Bike
12 Situps or V-ups

A. Back Squat 78%x5x3
B. Every 3 Minutes x 6 Sets;
4 Deadlifts @70%
25/20 calorie Row

A. Power Clean + Power Jerk 75%(of C&J) x[2(1+1)] x4
B. Halting Snatch Deadlift 105%x3 x3
C. Back Squat 78%x5x3

Tuesday 1/9
Warm Up- 2 Sets;
1 Minute DU Practice
30 second Shoulder Hang from Cage
Kneeling BTN Snatch Grip Press x8
Samson Stretch
Duck Walk

CF Fitness
A. Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat (1+1) x10 sets. Once warmed up, over the course of 10 sets, build to a challenging weight that still allows for good movement.
B. 5 Sets;
1 Minute Row for Meters
3 Minutes Rest
*Reference 12/19

A. Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch [2(1+1)] 2 sets @78%, 2 sets @ 83%
B. Halting Snatch Deadlift 105%x3x3
C. Every 4 Minutes x 5 sets
Airbike (for calories) in 25 seconds @90%

Wednesday 1/10
Warm Up-
2 Minutes Bike or Row- steady pace
Then, 2 Sets;
Bottom’s up KB Press x6/ arm
Kipping Swing x8
Hollow Hold x10-15 seconds
Push Press x6-8

CF Fitness
A. Push Press 4×4
B. For Time;
12 Shoulder to Overhead (Barbell or DB’s) -moderate
12 KB Swings or stiff legged deadlift -moderate to heavy
9 Shoulder to OH
18 KB Swings or stiff legged deadlift
6 Shoulder to OH
24 KB Swings or stiff legged deadlift

A. Push Press 70%(of Jerk)x2x3
B. For Time;
15 Power Jerks @50%
18 KB Swings 32/24kg
12 Power Jerks
24 KB Swings
9 Power Jerks
30 KB Swings

A. Power Snatch 78%x2x4
B. Push Press 70%x2x3
C. Clean Pull 103%x2x3

Thursday 1/11
Warm Up-
2 Sets;
Row 150M
Russian KB Swing x10 -moderate to heavy
Spiderman Stretch
Supinated Grip Lat Stretch x10 seconds

CF Fitness
A. Hang Power Clean + Front Squat 2(1+1) x8 sets -over the course of these 8 sets, build up to a challenging weight that moves well.
B. For Time;
50 Pullups or Jumping Pullups
50 Wall Balls
50 Mixed DU’s or 200 Jump Rope

A. Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Jerk [2(1+1+1)] 2 sets @78%, 2 Sets @ 83%
B. For Time;
50 C2B Pullups
75 Wall Balls 20/14lbs.
100 DU’s

Friday 1/12
Warm Up-
2 Sets;
Bike 8 calories
Knee Stretch + Spiderman Stretch
Counterbalance Squat x6
Front Foot Elevated Split Squat x6/ leg

CF Fitness
A. Deadlift 10×3 *refer to 1/5. Aim to increase working set intensity by 5-10lbs. Use the same weight for all 10 sets.
B. EMOM x 15 Minutes
Min 1; 12 Renegade Rows -moderate to heavy
Min 2; 10 Alternating DB Snatches -moderate to heavy
Min 3; 8 Burpees

A. Front Squat 83%x2x2
B. Deadlift 80%x3x3
C. EMOM x 15 MInutes
Min 1; 6 Muscle Ups
Min 2; 8 Power Snatches @45%
Min 3; 10 Burpee Bar Hops

A. Snatch 80%x1, 83%x1, 86%x1
B. Clean & Jerk 80%x1, 83%x1, 86%x1
C. Front Squat 83%x2x2

Saturday 1/13
CF Fitness & Performance
A. EMOM x 5 Minutes;
7 Thrusters -building to a heavy set for the final minute
Rest 5 Minutes

B. 5 Min AMRAP
5 Power Cleans
10 Front racked reverse lunges 38% (of back squat)

Rest 3 Minutes

15 Hand Release Pushups
10 Box Jumps 24/20in.