Warm Up-
2 Minutes Bike or Row- steady pace
Then, 2 Sets;
Bottom’s up KB Press x6/ arm
Kipping Swing x8
Hollow Hold x10-15 seconds
Push Press x6-8

CF Fitness
A. Hang Power Clean- Build to a heavy set of 5
B. Push Press 2×6-8 -Try to increase the loading from 12/21 by 5lbs.
C. E2MOM x14 Minutes;
10 Pushups or Incline Pushups
10 Pullups or Jumping Pullups
10 Calorie Airbike
*If any one round runs into the following round, take that round off. For example, when starting a set on minute ‘2’, if that set isn’t finished until 4:05 on the clock, rest until minute ‘6’. Record your slowest interval time.

A. Power Clean-2RM
B. Push Press- 5RM
*For those who’ve already completed the Push Press in weightlifting on Wednesday, you may choose to do the CF Fitness conditioning.