Testing Continued…
Warm Up- 2 Sets;
1 Minute DU Practice
30 second Shoulder Hang from Cage
Kneeling BTN Snatch Grip Press x8
Samson Stretch
Duck Walk

CF Fitness
A. Overhead Squat- Build to a heavy single
B. 5 Sets;
1 Minute Row for Meters
Rest 2:45
*DO NOT start with a max effort pace! Your pace should be uncomfortable, but sustainable. Refer to 12/20.

A. Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch- Build to a heavy RM *At heavier weights, the pull will be very challenging to keep the elbows moving up like at the lower percentages we’ve been using. However, the technicality of the pull is the focus while also carrying over into the snatch, NOT attempting to PR your hang snatch…
B. Snatch Pull + Snatch Deadlift 95%x(2+3) x3
C. 1 Minute Airbike for Max Calories

*This is a max effort, for ONLY ONE SET. Make it count! If you feel like you still want to work out after that, you didn’t do it right.

A. Muscle Snatch- Build to a 1RM
B. Push Press-5RM
C. Snatch Pull + Snatch Deadlift 95%x(2+3) x3
D. Back Squat- 10RM