Warm Up-
2 Minutes Bike or Row- steady pace
Then, 2 Sets;
Bottom’s up KB Press x6/ arm
Kipping Swing x8
Hollow Hold x10-15 seconds
Push Press x6-8

CF Fitness
A. Push Press 4×8 -use the same loading from 11/29
B. EMOM x 24 MInutes (8 Sets of each)
Min 1: 3-6 Strict Pullups or Inverted Rows
Min 2: 5 Seated Barbell or DB Presses, or Modified HSPU
Min 3: 20 Seconds AB for calories- steady pace, DO NOT SPRINT

A. Push Press 55-58%(of Jerk) x6x4
B. EMOM x 24 MInutes (8 Sets of each)
Min 1: 5 Strict C2B Pullups or Pullups
Min 2: 5 Strict HSPU -use a slight deficit if able. Strive for technical proficiency over deficit height.
Min 3: Rest

A. Muscle Snatch 63%x4x4
B. Push Press 55-58%(of Jerk) x6x4
C. Clean Pull 85%x4x3
D. Bulgarian Split Squat 3×10 -use a front racked barbell. Try to increase loading from last week.

Accessory Work
-Barbell High Pulls 3×12 -try to increase load from last week by 5lbs.
-DB Shrugs 4×12 -use a ‘1’ count pause at the top of each rep. In order to maintain that restriction, the loading for this exercise won’t be overly heavy. Use the same weight as last week.