Warm up;
2 Sets
Row 150M
3-4 Strict Pullups/ Ring Rows
4-5 Goblet Squats -moderate to heavy
Knee Stretch + Spiderman
Back Raises OR Goodmornings x10

CF Fitness
A. Hang Power Clean (hip) + Front Squat (1+2) x6 -refer to 10/26 for loading

A. Clean 75%x2, 80%x2, 85%x1x2, 90%x1x2

B. CF Fitness & Performance
2 Rounds;
2 Min AMRAP:
8 Box Jumps 24/20in.
8 T2B/ Hanging Knee Raise/ V-Ups
Rest 2 MInutes
2 Min AMRAP:
10 DB Snatches –moderate to heavy
5 NPU Burpee Box Jumps
Rest 2 Minutes