Warm up
2 sets;
Row 150M
Samson Stretch
Kneeling BTN Snatch grip Press x6
Single leg glute bridge x6 per leg

CF Fitness
A. Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat (1+1) x6 Sets **Only go as low into the overhead squat as experience and mobility allow, for a safe and balanced position. Reference 10/23 for loading.
B. 2 Rounds;
1 Min; Mixed DU’s/ Jump Rope
1 Min Rest
1 Min; Wall Balls
1 Min Rest
1 Min; Pullups/ Jumping C2B Pullups
1 Min Rest
1 Min; Burpees
1 Min Rest

A. Snatch 75%x2, 80%x2, 85%x1x2, 90%x1x2
B. Every 5 Minutes x 3 Sets;
25 DU’s
20 Wall Balls 20/14lbs
15 Pullups
10 Burpees