*Thank you to all who came to our Halloween Party on Saturday, and helped to make it such a good time!

Warm up;
2 sets;
Front Foot elevated split squat x5-6 -use moderate weight
Mini-band Front Squat/ Goblet Squat x3-4 -use light to moderate weight building toward working sets
Knee Stretch + Spiderman
Lying Lateral Leg Raise x5-6/ leg

CF Fitness
A. Front Squat- 4×3 *reference 10/23
B. EMOM x 15 Minutes
Min 1: 5 Push Press -moderate to heavy
Min 2: 10 V-Ups/ 15 Anchored Situps
Min 3: 15 Russian KB Swings -moderate to heavy

A. Front Squat- (85%x1, 87%x1, 89%x1) x2
B. 3 Sets, each for time;
Row 500/425M
25 KB Swings 32/24kg
Rest 3 Minutes

A. Power Snatch 80%x2x3
B. Power Clean + Jerk 80%(1+2) x3
C. Front Squat- (85%x1, 87%x1, 89%x1) x2