*We are moving into Week 6 of our current cycle of programming. At this point, when we usually have been back squatting on Mondays, we will now be front squatting. Over the next six weeks we will be focusing on the front squat in order to improve the recovery in the clean and strength in the upper back. We will still be back squatting, but on Fridays. Intensity for the back squat will continue to increase, just as it has over the past six weeks. However, the volume will be much lower to account for the additional front squats we will be doing earlier in the week. Within the ‘Performance’ and ‘Weightlifting’ groups, many of you may not have an up-to-date front squat to work off of. In an effort to predict a decent starting point for target percentage work, we will use roughly 85% of our theoretical 1RM back squat that we’ve been using for the past month or so, to work off of a relative max front squat. 

Warm up
2 sets;
Front Foot elevated split squat x5-6 -use moderate weight
Front Squat/ Goblet Squat w/ mini-band x3-4 -use light to moderate weight building toward working sets
Knee Stretch + Spiderman
Lying Lateral Leg Raise x5-6/ leg

CF Fitness
A. Front Squat 4×6-8
B. EMOM x 18 Min (6 sets of each)
Min 1; 6 DB Thrusters -use a moderately challenging weight
Min 2; Row 150/125M
Min 3; AMRAP in 30 seconds: Mixed DU’s/ Jump Rope

A. Front Squat- 80%x3x4
B. EMOM x 18 Min (6 sets of each)
Min 1; 5 Thrusters @65% of 5RM
Min 2; Row 200M/150M
Min 3; 20 DU’s

A. Hang Power Snatch + BTN Snatch grip Power Jerk (1+1)- Complete 5 sets using your heaviest weight from last week.
B. Power Clean + Push Press 78% of push press x(1+3) x4
C. Front Squat- 80%x3x4