Monday 8/28 (Deload Week) ***Be sure to check the schedule on Zen Planner OR on for this weeks modifications. Please NOTE: There will NOT be Weightlifting, Teens Weightlifting, OR CrossFit Kids this week.
Warm up
2 sets;
Barbell Muscle Snatch + BTN Snatch Press (3+5) -Light
Front Foot elevated split squat x5-6 -use moderate weight
Pause Squat/ Goblet Squat x3-4 -use light to moderate weight building toward working sets
Knee Stretch + Spiderman
Back Raises on GHD x10-12

CF Fitness
A. Goblet Squat 2×10-12 –moderate, focus on technique
B. For Time;
4 DB Snatches -use as heavy a load as correct technique will allow
5 Mixed DU’s OR 20 Jump Rope
6 DB Snatches
10 Mixed DU’s OR 40 Jump Rope
8 DB Snatches
15 Mixed DU’s OR 60 Jump Rope
10 DB Snatches
20 Mixed DU’s OR 80 Jump Rope
12 DB Snatches
25 Mixed DU’s OR 100 Jump Rope

A. Back Squat 65% (of 5RM) x5x2
B. For Time;
2 Power Snatches @ 50%
10 DU’s
4 Power Snatches
20 DU’s
6 Power Snatches
30 DU’s
8 Power Snatches
40 DU’s
10 Power Snatches
50 DU’s

Tuesday 8/29
Warm up
2 sets;
Row 150M
Samson Stretch
Pause Front Squat x4 (light to moderate)
Single leg glute bridge x6 per leg

CF Fitness
4 Sets;
6 KB Squat Cleans -moderate to heavy
6 Burpees
200M Run
Rest 2 Min

3 Sets, EACH for time;
5 Squat Cleans @60%
10 Burpees
400M Run
Rest 4 Min
*DO NOT go all out on your first set. The goal here is consistency across all three sets. Try to keep set times within 10 seconds (of working time) from eachother.

Wednesday 8/30
Warm up;
2 Sets
Handstand Practice- 30 Sec.
Russian KB Swing x10 (moderate)
Samson Stretch
Barbell Press x5 (light to mod.)

CF Fitness
A. Bench Press- 2×12-14
B. 4 Sets, no rest;
10 Pushups OR Incline Pushups
10 Box Jumps OR Step Ups
10 Ring Rows

A. Bench Press 60%x10x2
B. 3 Sets, no rest;
15 Pushups
10 NPU Burpee Box Jumps 24/20in.
15 Pullups

Thursday 8/31
Warm up;
2 Sets
Row 150M
3-4 Strict Pullups/ Ring Rows
Knee Stretch + Spiderman
Back Raises OR Goodmornings x10

CF Fitness
For Time;
50 DB Thrusters -use a weight that is challenging for 6-8 reps
50 KB Swings OR Stiff legged DL

For Time;
50 Thrusters 135/95lbs.
50 KB Swings 70/53lbs.
*You may break up the thrusters and KB swings however you like, but you must finish all the thrusters before starting the KB swings.

Friday 9/1
Warm up
2 sets;
Hanging L-sit hold (10-15 sec)
Spiderman Stretch
Back Raises x10-12
KB Stiff legged DL 6-8

CF Fitness
15 Min AMRAP:
6 Deadlifts -light to moderate
12 Weighted OR Bodyweight Walking Lunges
Run 200M

Every 5 Minutes x 4 Sets;
6 Deadlifts @50%
12 Weighted Walking lunges 53/35lbs
Row 500M
*Record time for each set. Use your slowest set as score in SugarWOD. Aim for consistency across all sets.

Saturday 9/2
CF Fitness
6 Rounds For Time;
3 Hang Power Cleans -moderate
6 Push Press -moderate, use the same bar/loading as for cleans
9 Wall Balls

For Time;
15 Power Cleans 225/155lbs
30 HSPU’s
75 Wall Balls