Monday 8/7
Warm up
2 sets;
Front Foot elevated split squat x5-6 -use moderate weight
Pause Squat/ Goblet Squat x3-4 -use light to moderate weight building toward working sets
Knee Stretch + Spiderman
Back Raises on GHD x10-12

CF Fitness
A. Goblet Squat 4×8-10; Try to increase working set intensity by 5-10lbs. From 7/31
B. 10 Min AMRAP:
KB sumo-deadlift high pull x8 -moderate load
NPU Burpee Box Jump/ Step up x8

A. Back Squat 78% x6x4
B. With a 10 Minute Running Clock, climb the ladder as high as possible with this pattern for each exercise; 2,4,6,8,10… Continue adding 2 reps each set, until 10 minutes is up.
Power Cleans @66%
Burpee bar hops

A. No hook, no feet snatch 78%x1x8
B. Snatch Pull 105%(of sn.) x3x4
C. Back Squat 78%x6x4

Accessory Work:
DB Bicep Curl 4×10-12
DB Kick Back 4×10-12
*Use the same loading as you did for the sets of 8-10 last week. Try to increase the volume per working set, not the weight.

Tuesday 8/8
Warm up
2 sets;
Row 150M
Samson Stretch
Pause Front Squat x4 (light to moderate)
Single leg glute bridge x6 per leg

CF Fitness
A. Clean Deadlift + Hang Power Clean (1+2) OTM x 12 Min, Start at a moderate weight and build if technique is good. Refer to 8/1 for loading.
B. 30 seconds ON, 30 seconds OFF, alternating exercises for as many reps as possible, until three sets of each have been completed;
Wall Balls
Pushups OR Incline Pushups
Ring Rows OR Inverted Rows
Jump Rope OR Mixed DU’s

A. EMOM x12 Min; Hang Clean (knee) + Jerk
Min 0-3, 73%
Min 4-7, 78%
Min 8-11, 83%

B. 4 Sets for Reps
30 sec AMRAP Wall Balls 20/14lbs.
30 sec AMRAP Pushups
30 sec AMRAP Pullups
30 sec AMRAP DU’s
Rest 2 Min
*Goal; Pace accordingly to maintain consistent volume across all four sets. Don’t go to failure.

Accessory Work:
4 Sets:
A1; Back Raises 10-12, add weight if possible
A2; Strict Knees to elbows OR, straight leg raises
Rest As Needed

Wednesday 8/9
Warm up;
2 Sets
Handstand Practice- 30 Sec.
Russian KB Swing x10 (moderate)
Samson Stretch
Barbell Press x5 (light to mod.)

CF Fitness
A. Push Press- 6×4- reference 8/2 and try to increase loading for working sets
B. 4 Sets;
200M Run
8 DB Push Press -use a challenging weight that will allow you to complete each set in full
10 Box Jumps (modify height as necessary)

A. Push Press + Jerk 88% (of Push Press) x(2+2) x4
B. 3 Sets, no rest;
400M Run
10 Shoulder to OH @55% (of Push Press)
15 Box Jumps 24/20in.

A. Muscle Snatch + Hang Power Snatch (2+2) x5
B. Tall Clean 6×2- Building
C. Push Press + Jerk 88% (of Push Press) x(2+2) x4

Thursday 8/10
Warm up;
2 Sets
Row 150M
3-4 Strict Pullups/ Ring Rows
Knee Stretch + Spiderman
Back Raises OR Goodmornings x10

CF Fitness
A. Snatch Deadlift + Hang Power Snatch (1+2) OTM x 12 Min -Build if technique allows
B. With a partner, alternate full rounds until each partner has completed 5 Sets;
10 Walking lunges OR Russian Step ups -use weight to feel heavy if possible
15/12 Calorie Row

A. EMOM x12 Min; Hang Snatch (Knee)
Min 0-3, 73%
Min 4-7, 78%
Min 8-11, 83%

B. Every 4 Minutes x 5 sets;
8 Reverse, front rack lunges @38% (of squat)
20/15 calorie Row

Accessory Work:
Bent Over Row 4×10-12

Friday 8/11
Warm up
2 sets;
Hanging L-sit hold (10-15 sec)
Spiderman Stretch
Back Raises x10-12
KB Stiff legged DL 6-8

CF Fitness
A. Deadlift w/ Pause at the knee 5×4 -try to increase working sets by 5-10lbs from 8/4
B. 4 Sets, no rest;
10 Pushups OR Incline Pushups
20 KB Swings OR KB Stiff Legged Deadlift -use a challenging weight

A. Deadlift w/ Pause at the knee 74%x3x5
B. 5 Sets, no rest;
10 Ring Dips
20 KB Swings 32/24kg

A. Snatch Pull + Snatch (3+1) -Build to a Heavy RM
B. Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Jerk (2+1+1) -Build to a Heavy RM

Saturday 8/12
CF Fitness & Performance

A. Bulgarian Split Squat 3×8-10 per leg -use a moderate weight. Based on experience, you may use a front OR back-racked barbell, or DB’s in each hand. If you did this on Saturday, 8/5, use the same weight for your working sets, but try to increase the volume per set up to 10 reps.

B. In Teams of two, partners may partition the workload however best suits the success of the team. Not all of the work NEEDS to be divided evenly, but may if you choose. Each team will need a pair of dumbells. The chosen weight should be moderate for snatches, and likely feel challenging for the man-makers. Only one partner may work at a time.

4 Sets, no rest;
40 DB Snatches -use a moderately challenging load
40 Man-makers
40 Toes to bar