L1: a) Reverse OH Medicine Ball Throw x3x4, Rest 3 Minutes b/t sets

b) 5 Sets, :30 sec rest b/t exercises:

OH Plate Lunge x10/leg
Single Arm DB Power Clean x8 (tough)

L2: a) Behind the Neck Jerk + Jerk~ Heavy (1+1), 95%x(1+1), 90%x(1+1)

b) In 30 Sec.

3 Hang Power Cleans (attempt to increase the weight from last week)
4 Burpees
Airdyne @ 100% in remaining time
Rest 3 Min x5

L3: a) Jerk~ Heavy Single, 95% (of heavy single) x1, 90% x1

b) 4 Sets

Strict Press (barbell) x6
Rest 30 Seconds
Pendlay Row x6
Rest 1 Minute

c) 3 Power Cleans TnG
Sprint 50 yds
Rest 2:30 x6