***On Saturday, April 8th, a bunch of the ladies of Fulcrum will be competing at the ‘XX No Y’ competition at No Risk CrossFit in Smithfield, RI. Lets go show them some support!

A. Split Jerk- 1RM (from rack)

B. For Time
30 Push Jerks- 95/ 65
30 Back Squats
30 Cal Row
30 Back Squats
30 Push Jerks

A. 3 Rounds For Reps
In 3 Min
Run 200M
7 Burpees
AMRAP Squat Snatches in remaining time- 95/ 65
Rest 2 Min

Rest 5 Min

2 Rounds For Reps
In 6 Min
Run 400M
12 Burpees
AMRAP Power Snatch in remaining time- 95/ 65
Rest 3 Min

A. Power Clean Cluster 1. 1. 1; Rest 10 Sec/ Rest 2 Min x 3

B. 5 Rounds For Time
10 Front Squats- 95/ 65
20 Double Unders

A1. 30 Sec Max Pull Ups; Rest 30 Sec
A2. 30 Sec Max Jumping Pull Up; Rest 30 Sec
A3. 30 Sec Max Hammer Curls- (light and fast)
Rest 2:30 x 3

B. 7 Min AMRAP
7 Toe to Bar
7 Box Jumps- 24″/ 20″

Rest 2 Min

7 Wall Balls- 20/14 to 10ft
7 Box Jumps- 24″/ 20″

A. Bench Press- 10, 10, 10- Rest 2 Min

B. 4 Rounds For Time
30 KB Swings- 24kg/ 16kg
20 Walking Lunges with KB

A. Clean n Jerk- Heavy Single in 15 Min

B. “The Chief”
3 Power Clean- 135lb/ 95lb
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 Min x 5



Day 1

OTM x 18 Min
Min 1; Goblet Squat x8
Min 2; DB clean & press x6
Min 3; Plank Hold on Elbows, AMRAP in 30 sec.

Day 2

4 Sets For Total Reps;
Row 1 Min for Calories
Rest 30 seconds
AMRAP DB Thrusters (light-moderate) in 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
AMRAP Situps in 1 Min
Rest 30 seconds
AMRAP KB Swings OR KB Deadlifts (moderate) in 30 seconds
Rest 2 Min


Weightlifting Week 1

Day 1
Power Snatch 65% x2x8
Back Squat 60% x8-10×3
Barbell Curls 3×10-12
DB Skull Crushers 3×10-12
Situps 3×25

Day 2
Power Clean 65%x2x8
Push Press 60%x3x10
Barbell Goodmornings 35%(of back squat) x10-12 x3
Hanging Leg Raise 3×10-15

Day 3
Deadlift- 65%x3x8
Bulgarian Split Squat- 3×8-10
Row 3000M, steady pace

Optional Supplementary Work (may be used as an extra training day during the first, four week block)

  1. OTM x 10 Min; 2-4 Strict Handstand Pushups
  2. Seated Barbell Press x8-10 x4
  3. OTM x 10 Min; 1-3 Ring Muscle Ups (as strict as possible)
  4. OTM x 10 Min; 3-5 Strict Pull-ups OR Pull-up Negatives
  5. Bent Over Row x8-10 x4
  6. OTM x 10 Min; 2-4 Pistols (per leg)

*The supplementary work can be also added into a circuit to make for more of an aerobic workout. If looking to make a longer, aerobic style workout that will help develop skills within the gymnastics movements, please see Bryce.

**For anything using a barbell, four sets at a given rep range means to use the same working weights across all four sets. It DOES NOT mean to increase weight each set. During the ‘OTM’ exercises, be conservative in your rep range. There should be no missed reps in the first couple weeks due to fatigue. In order to improve at the given movement, quality trumps quantity at this point.