Classes Today Are: 6:45am, 9am, 10am (Holiday Schedule with the addition of the 6:45)

L1: a) Pause Back Squat~ 3×5 (Moderate, 3 second pause at bottom)

b) 4 Sets:

Ring Rows x8
Wall Balls x15
Rest 1 Min

L2: a) Hang Muscle Snatch~ x5x3                                                         x

b) Heaving Snatch Balance~ Heavy 5, 95%x5, 90%x5

c) Pause Back Squat~ 60% x5x5                                      x

d) Snatch Segment DL~ x3x3

L3: a) Snatch~ 70% x3x3

b) Clean~ 70% x3x3

c) Pause Back Squat~ 60%x5x5

d) Snatch Pull~ 80%x4x4