L1: a) Turkish Get-ups~ 3×3- tough

*Must complete three reps/ side for each set

b) Maintain Pace:

400M Row
20 Burpees
300M Row
20 Sandbag Thrusters
200M Row
20 Jumping Switch Lunges (per leg)

L2: a) Sots Press (Snatch Grip)~ x4x3

*Try to add some weight (if your range of motion is good) to what you did last week.  Otherwise, aim to increase your range of motion.

b) For Time:

21/ 15/ 9
Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups

L3: a) Power Snatch~ 70% (of Snatch) x1x4

b) Power Clean + Power Jerk~ 70% (of C&J) x1x4

c) Run 400M @70%
Rest 3 Min
Run 400M @80%
Rest 4 Min
Run 400M @90%