This week will be a de-load week.  After a successful 12 weeks prior, this week will be used as almost active recovery.  However, you will be introduced to many of the movements coming up at the start of the next cycle on Monday, Oct. 7.

L1: a) Back Squat~ Work up to a moderately heavy single within five working sets

b) Strength Priority~ Core

c) 3 Sets, 1 Min Rest b/t sets:

DB Clean & press x8/ arm
KB Swing (single arm) x8/side

L2: a) Hang Muscle Snatch~ 3×3

b) Snatch Balance + OHS~ Work up to a moderate (1+1)

c) Back Squat~ Work to a heavy single rep within five working sets

L3: a) Snatch~ 80% x1x3

b) Back Squat~ 85% x1x3

c) Snatch Pull~ 90% of snatch x1x3