Athlete Development/ Fitness/ Sport
A. Back Squat- Work up to a Heavy Single
B. Push Press- Work up to a Heavy Triple
3 Rounds
1 Min Thrusters- Light to Moderate/ Rest 30 Sec
1 Min Pull Ups or Jumping Pull Ups/ Rest 30 Sec
1 Min Double Unders or Single Unders/ Rest 30 Sec

A. Power Clean- Work up to a tough Single in 8 Min
B. Power Clean AMRAP @ 85% of A in 4 Min
Rest 8 Min
In 10 Min
Row 2K
AMRAP KB Snatch Alternating Arms every 3 Reps- 24kg/ 16kg
Jerk Technique work, do not go to a max
Push Press- Heavy single
Snatch DL- Heavy single