L1: a) Push Press x4-6 x3 @20X1

2 Min Rest between sets

b) 4 sets of a 2 Minute AMRAP of:

5 Sandbag thrusters (behind-the-neck)
20 Mountain climbers (front foot may not touch the floor)

2 Min Rest between sets

L2: a) Behind the neck Jerk + Jerk- work up to a heavy (1+2)

We did this during the first week.  There is now one more jerk added to the complex.  If you are able to increase the weight, don’t go more than 2-4%.

b) 3 sets:

Push Press x6x3 @20X1
Rest 1 Min.
Ring Rows x10x3 @ 2010
Rest 2 Min.

c) 4 Sets of:

In 1 Minute:
Power Clean x 5 TnG
10 Burpees AFAP
Airdyne @ 90% in remaining time
Rest 5 min (add weight per set)