Athlete Development/ Fitness

A. Strength Priority- 15 Min
With a Partner:
Complete the following-
40- 30- 20- 10
Knees to Elbows
Push Ups
Thrusters- Light
*Break up the reps between partners however you like
The CrossFit Games Open WOD 14.1.  If any one of you wants to give the CrossFit Open a shot and cannot make it on Saturday @9am, here and now would be the time.  We can take a longer warm up, drill the movements that will be used, and you can give it your best shot!  The good thing is that the Open is all inclusive.  There is not usually anything crazy, and most of you will likely be familiar with the movements.  For those who are not, we can make it a simpler version if you choose.
Sport- Rest Day.
*This is the last day of the past eight week cycle!
Snatch- Max
Clean & Jerk- Max
Back Squat- Max