L1: a) Back Squat~ 2-4 x3

b) 4 Sets, no rest:

Burpee+ Sandbag Clean x 10
Situps x 15
Wall Balls x 10


Complete 3 Sets of a front plank hold for max time, 1 min. rest b/t sets

L2: a) Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch~ work to heavy 1+1

b) Back Squat~ x3x3 (85%, but go heavier if it feels good)

c) Snatch Segment DL+ Halting Snatch DL~ work to a moderately heavy 1+1

d) Strength Priority

L3: a) Snatch~ 90% x1x5

b) Back Squat~ 85% x3x3

c) Snatch Pull~ 110% x1x3 –Reduce weight if unable to maintain bar speed

d) Strength Priority