L1: a) Overhead Squat skill work and progression

(Behind the neck snatch grip push press+ OHS, Drop snatch+ OHS, etc…)

*This is meant to be at manageable weights in order to develop skill with overhead movement, not to try and find a heavy single or 1RM!  These lifts must be complexes representative of the couple listed above and with weights that still allow for quality of movement.

b) KB Windmill x5/side x3 sets

2 Min. Rest between sets

*Try to use same weight KB as last time or go heavier if comfortable.

c) 12 Min AMRAP of:

Push ups x10
Chinese DB row x 5/ arm

*Pace for constant work!


L2: a) Reverse Overhead Med Ball throw x3x4

b) 4 Sets of:

Row- :90 sec @85%
Rest 9 Min