L1: a) Clean Segment Deadlift+ Clean Deadlift- (1+1) x3

Pause for 2 seconds at: 1inch off floor, just below knee, hip (for the segment DL)
Rest 3 minutes between sets

b) 3 Sets:

Pullups x5
KB clean and press x10/ side
KB Swing x15
1 Minute Rest

L2: a) Hang Clean High Pull (flat-footed) + Hang Clean- 52%x(2+1) x4

*This clean complex should feel rather light for the hang clean, as you are limited by your high pull strength.  It is important that you stay flat-footed and get used to the feeling of that drive through the heals, on your two high pulls!

b) Front Squat- 85% x3x3

c) Clean Pulls- 88%x3x4

d) 2 Min AMRAP
5 Burpees
5 Toe 2 Bar
Rest 2 min x 2
1 Min AMRAP Thrusters- 95/65#
1 Min AMRAP Pull Ups- COVP
Rest 2 min x 2