* Hello everyone!  If you are planning on coming in tomorrow, just send me a text at (401) 206-3735 with your name and time you plan on coming in for class.  Or, send a FB message or email with the same info.  If you wouldn’t mind coming in 10-15 minutes before class starts just to get your waivers filled out and such, that would be helpful!

If you can, bring a bottle of water for yourself.  I do have a bunch, but if you remember, bring some!

We finished up with the setup today and are excited and ready to go for 5:45am!  We hope to see you there!


L1: a) Back Squat x 8-10 x3

3 sets:

Run 400M
10 sandbag cleans
10 jump squats

L2: a) Snatch segment pull (pause 2 sec. at 1″ off floor, just below knee, hip) + snatch 65%X2(1+1) X3
b) Back Squat x8x3 @ 65%
c) Strength priority

*4-5 sets

1 Power clean+ 3 Push press
20 sec. row @ 100% effort
rest 3:30

Add weight per set.  Should be heavy but still allowing for speed and crisp movement. Touch and go on the push press.  Keep track of meters rowed, and try to maintain consistency while at max effort!