Athlete Development
A1. Goblet Squat 4-6 @ 33X1; Rest 30 sec
A2. 8-10 Back Extensions @ 2020; Rest 1:30 x 4
*Add weight to Goblet Squats from last week if possible
B. Tabata Sit Ups
A. Back Squat 5-6 @ 33X1; Rest 2 Min x 4
B. Tabata Sit Ups
*If you have passed level 2 Core on your assessment sheet and average 8-11 sit ups- Check off Level 3. If you average 12 or more sit ups- Check off level 4
3 Rounds for Total Time:
20 Russian KB Swings
20 Burpees

Rest 1 Min

*Compare to 9/19
A. EMOM x 8 Min- Hang Squat Snatch- Moderate
*Focus on technique
B. Overhead Squat- Work up to a Heavy 3
C. For Time- 20 Sets of 5 Unbroken Pull Ups
*This week will be a preparatory week for the upcoming cycle.
Snatch~ 60%x3x3
Clean + Jerk~ 60%x(2+2)x3
Push Press~ 3×5 -moderate
Back Squat~ 3×5 -moderate