Athlete Development
A1: Sumo Style Deadlift/ KB Deadlift 6-8@3111; Rest 30 Seconds
A2: Side Plank Hold up to 30 Seconds/ side; Rest 1 Min x4
A1: Deadlift 3-5@3111; Rest 30 Seconds
A2: Side Plank 30-45 Seconds/ side; Rest 90 Seconds x4
*Start on your weak side for your planks.  Only match holds on your strong side, to your weak side!
20 Min AMRAP:
10 Wall Balls
10 V-ups
20 Double unders
EMOM x 15 Min:
Min 1- 10 Squat Clean 115#/ 75#
Min 2- 35 Double Unders
Min 3- 5 Strict Pull ups
*Min 4 start back on the cleans and cycle through again
5 No Push Burpee Box Jumps
7 DB Snatch/ Arm- Tough
20 Sec AirDyne @ 100%
Rest 3:30 x 4
Power Snatch~ Heavy Single, 95% (of HS) x1, 90%x1
Clean DL + Clean~ Heavy (1+1), 95% x(1+1), 90% x(1+1)
*For the Clean DL; pause at the knee on the way up, the hip, again at the knee on the way down.  Bring the bar back to the starting position without touching the floor, and clean from there.