Athlete Development
A. Box Step Ups 4-5; Rest 2 Min x 3
B. Goblet Squat 8-10 @ 33X1; Rest 2 Min x 3
*Refer to 11/11/13 on Step Ups and 11/18/13 for Goblet Squats and try to add weight
A. Back Squat- Work up to a heavy 3 in 20 Min
EMOM x 12 Min
Even Minutes- 10 DB Thrusters- Tough
Odd Minutes- 10 Burpees- AFAP
A. Front Squat 3, 3, 3, 3 @ 20X1; Rest 2 Min
B. Every 2 Min x 6 sets: 2 Squat Cleans- Add weight each set
C. EMOM x 12 Min:
Min 1- 6 TnG Clean n Jerks- Tough
Min 2- 30 Double Unders
Min 3- Row 12 Cal Male/ 8 Cal Female
*On Min 4, Cycle back through to Clean n Jerks to repeat the cycle
*This is a back-off week.  You can still bring it to a heavy single on the lifts, but, do not go for PR’s and keep the overall volume low.
Snatch- build to a heavy single
C&J- build to a heavy single