Athlete Development
A. KB Deadlift 8-10 @ 2011; Rest 90 Sec x 6
*Add weight from last week
B1/ B2 with Fitness Group
A. Deadlift- Work up to a Heavy 3 with Good Form in 15 Min
B1. 15-20 Push Ups @ 20X0- Rest 20 Sec
B2. 20-30 Hollow Rocks- Rest 1 Min x 3
For Time:
Row 350M
10-1 Ladder
Thrusters- Moderate weight
Knees to Elbows
A. Strict Press- Build to a 1RM

B. Pull Up- Build to a 1RM
C. Strict Press- 50 Reps for time @ 65% of part A
D. 35 Strict Pull Ups for Time
Snatch 93%x1x3-5
Jerk 93%x1x3-5
Bench Press 95%x1x5