Athlete Development/ Fitness
A1. Weighted Walking Lunge Steps x 20; Rest 30 Sec
A2. DB Bench Press 8-10 @ 30X1; Rest 30 Sec
A3. Bent Over Barbell Row 10-12 @ 20X0; Rest 1 Min x 3
3 Rounds For Max Reps
1 Min Wall Balls
30 Sec AirDyne
30 Sec Jumping Lunges
1 Min Ab Mat Sit Ups- Feet Anchored
Rest 2 Min
For Time:
Row 500M
Rest 1 Min
10—>1 Descending Ladder
Ring Dips
Hang Power Clean- 125#/ 85#
Rest 1 Min
Row 500M
* Goal is to move through the ladder at a High Output. Empty the tank on 2nd 500M Row
Front Squat 85%x2x10
Clean Pull 105%x1x3
Clean Deadlift 3×2 Heavy
Press 4×8