Friday, July 12

    Athlete Development/ Fitness
    Strength Priority or Skill Work- 15 MIn
    Every 4 Min x 6 Sets
    Run 200M
    Row 20 Cal Male/ 15 Cal Female
    Rest in remaining time
    Rest Day.
    For the heavy singles today, keep the building volume low after a proper warm up.  You shouldn’t need more than 15 minutes to establish that heavy single for the day for the snatch, c&j and front squat.
    Snatch Heavy Single
    Clean & Jerk Heavy Single
    Pause Front Squat Heavy Single
    Snatch Pull 90%x3x3
    Barbell Lunge 3×10/ Leg
    Press 4×8


    1. Jen Laliberte on said:

      Great workout today! I was trying to figure out a way to get back and do it again tonight! No luck… :/

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