Tuesday, July 9

    Athlete Development/ Fitness
    A1. Single Leg Split Squat 8-10 @ 30X1- Start on weak leg; Rest 45 Sec
    *Try to add weight to last week if possible
    A2. DB Push Press 10-12 @ 20X1; Rest 45 Sec
    A3. Toe 2 Bar 8-10 or Hanging Knee Raise 8-10; Rest 1 Min x 4
    10 Min AMRAP:
    5 Push Ups
    10 Jump Squats
    15 KB Swings
    Run 100M
    A. Power Clean- Work to a Heavy Double in 12 Min from an empty bar (Not a 2RM)
    B. Side Plank- Accumulate 3 Min Left/ 3 Min Right; Rest 1 Min b/t sides
    C. 50 Toe 2 Bar- For Time
    Power Snatch + Snatch- 70% of snatch x(2+1) x8
    Power Jerk 70%x3x8
    Bench Press 65%x8x4


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