Monday, July 8

    Athlete Development/ Fitness
    A1. Clean Grip Dead Lift 6-8 @ 30X1; Rest 45 Sec
    A2. Push Ups 12-15 @ 30X1 or Push Up Negatives 8-10 @ 40A0; Rest 45 Sec
    A3. Russian KB Swings 15-20- Tough; Rest 1 Min x 4
    4 Rounds for time:
    15 wall Balls
    10 Pull Ups or 15 Ring Rows
    A. Power Snatch Clusters; Rest 15 sec b/t reps/ Rest 2 Min x 3 Sets
    B. Back Squat- Build to a 10 Rep Max
    C. RDL 4-5 @ 3010; Rest 2 Min x 4
    *Try to add weight from last week if possible
    The next weightlifting cycle starting on Monday, will have a strength focus and programmed for four days a week.
    Power Clean + Clean 70% of clean x(2+1) x8
    Back Squat 75%x3x10
    Pullups 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps


    1. Jen Laliberte on said:

      I like the super sets we’ve been doing… It’s like cardio before the cardio! :)

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