Tuesday, July 2

    Athlete Development/ Fitness
    A1. DB Strict Shoulder Press 8-10@20X0; Rest 45 sec
    A2. RDL 6-8@3232; Rest 45 sec
    A3. 20 Ab Mat Situps- AFAP; Rest 1 Min x4
    Row 1K for Time

    A. 4-6 HSPU EMOM x10 min
    B. 100M Farmers Walk for Time- 32kg/24kg; Rest 2 Min x3
    C. “Tabata” Situps

    Power Snatch Technique work, stay light to moderate
    Power Clean + Power Jerk Technique work, stay light to moderate


    1. Kimberly Rego on said:

      Row 1K Time Trial was not as bad as anticipated. Almost hit my goal time. Very happy :)

    2. Nick on said:

      Awesome Job on the 1K row everyone! Kim, you will definitely hit that goal time. Needed to feel it out first and dial in the pace.

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