Athlete Development/ Fitness
A. Strength Priority
For Total Reps with a partner- (1 Partner works while other rests)
1 Min Max Reps Russian KB Swings
1 Min Max Reps Wall Balls
1 Min Max Reps Pull Ups/ Ring Rows
1 Min Max Reps Back Squat with Sand Bag
1 Min Max Reps Burpees
400M Sand Bag Relay
In this workout, Partner 1 will complete their 1 minute of max reps while partner 2 rests. Partner 2 will complete their minute of reps while partner 1 rests. Total Time for both partners to finish the relay will be rounded (up or down) to nearest minute and deducted from total reps- IE 250 reps – 6:32 on run= 250 – 7 for a Total of 243 
Priority work + partner workout w/ Fitness group
Snatch & Clean Technique work- stay light to moderate
Front Squat 80%x2, 85%x2, 90%x2x2