Athlete Development/ Fitness
A. Strength Priority
10 DB Snatch/ Arm
10 Wall Balls
Rest 2 Min
10 Renegade Rows Left/ 10 Right (must complete all 10 on each side before switching arms- 1 DumbBell)
10 Air Squats
10 Min Gymnastic Skill Work of choice- EMOTM perform 2-3 Quality reps of chosen movement
Run 200M @ 65%
1 Min AirDyne @ 65%
1 Min Row @ 65%
x 8
10 Min Foam Roll/ Mobility
Competition/ Oly
This week will be a preparatory week for the upcoming 12 week weightlifting cycle.  These workouts are not what everyone will be doing, this is just a sample of what it looks like for some athletes in this group.  This will be tailored for each individual, based on priority.Each exercise should warm up the following exercise pretty well, so this should move relatively quickly.  Take 2-3 minutes between working sets.
Muscle Snatch 4×5 –moderate
Snatch Balance Heavy Single (build quickly)
Snatch Pull 75%x4x3
Snatch Grip RDL 3×5
Back Squat 60%x5x4