AD: Weighted Step Ups~ 12-15/leg; Rest 30 sec b/t legs, 1 Min b/t sets x4

L1: a) Back Squat~ Heavy 5 (20 Min)
b) Clean Deadlift~ Heavy 5 (15 Min)
*Build to a heavy set of five, try to add weight to the CDL from last week if possible.
For Reps:
4 Min Row for Max Calories
3 Min Max Rep Burpees
2 Min Max Rep Ring Rows
1 Min Max Rep Air Squats
*There will be done on a running clock with no rest between each movement

L2/L3: a) Back Squat- 2,2,2 @ 20X2; Rest 3 Min
b) Power Clean + Push Jerk- 5,5,5 Touch n Go Reps; Rest 1:30
For Time:
12 Power Cleans- 155/ 105#
30 Wall Balls
9 Power Cleans
30 Wall Balls
6 Power Cleans