Please Note: L1’s, this is the last week of your 12 week basic volume strength cycle.  L2’s and L3’s, over the next few weeks conditioning is going to be building up in preparation for the CrossFit Open (for those of you who wish to compete).

AD: Bulgarian Split Squat~ 12-15/leg @3111; Rest 30 sec b/t legs, 90 sec b/t sets x3

L1: a) Back Squat~ 15-20@20X1; Rest 2 Min x3
3 Rounds for time:
12 Burpees
12 DB Snatches- 6/ Arm
Row 300M

L2/L3: a) Back Squat 3,3,3 @ 20X2; Rest 3 Min
b) Power Snatch 2,2,2; Rest 2 Min
Every Min on the Min x 12 Min:
3 Power Snatch
*Add weight as you get comfortable