Some of you already know about the new Strength and Hypertrophy programs being added as of May 12.  The reasoning and importance behind this addition is unparalleled.  The need for functional hypertrophy for many people participating in the program is more for fitness and lifestyle function than it is for looks (even though that is part of the end result)!

What can you expect to see?
This new program will consist of priority and secondary or assistance work.  The priority is of most importance, while the secondary or assistance work can be done if you have time after the priority work within your session OR later that day!  Most of what you will see are squats, deadlifts, bench press, push press, pull-ups, sled pushes, farmer’s carries, single-leg work and some good ole bi’s and tri’s!

As we age, our muscles atrophy and our bones lose density.  This is a natural process that cannot be avoided, but prolonged and slowed through proper training.  General CrossFit or general fitness routines won’t necessarily cause the biological response for functional hypertrophy unless it is programmed accordingly.  Many people don’t have the patience or motivation to train specifically for strength and prefer conditioning circuits to strength training.  That’s fine, but, specific goals require specific programming and a specific (not random) routine.

The upcoming strength program is designed (and programmed) around a specific and planned adaptation; to get stronger and increase your lean body composition percentage.  This is similar to an off-season program (for all you athletes, runners, etc.) that is done to attain a specific goal i.e. get stronger, faster, etc.  Rep ranges and rest periods between sets are there for a reason and of course nutrition plays a big role with the results you are able to achieve (or not achieve) with this program.

Many of you have already gone through the nutritional calculation for total, daily, macro-nutrient intake with us.  This will become much more important as you move from a more generalized program into a more specific program like this, if you want to achieve the appropriate results!  (Paleo is NOT optimal here)  Remember, you cannot build muscle without carbohydrates!