Programming Update!

    Some of you have expressed interest in more basic strength training cycles with the bench press, squat, deadlift, etc.  The only feasible way this would work is to have it run parallel to the Olympic weightlifting cycles.  Those who are interested in this type of training would ideally make this program their priority.  If you want to get stronger, this will do the job!  However, you can and should still participate in the Fitness workouts a couple times a week, but should treat them more as a recovery tool and not push as hard as you normally would.  It would be set up the same way as the weightlifting cycles where there would only be a certain number of you able to participate each cycle.  This program would be available to non-members for the same price as the weightlifting cycles, and free for unlimited members!  Each person looking to participate MUST be approved and go through a basic assessment as it relates to the movements which you will perform.  If you have already been through the weightlifting classes and wish to work on more of a strength and hypertrophy program, you will NOT need an assessment.

    What You Can Expect:

    This would run 3X per week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  You will be taught how to properly warm up and perform the movements correctly during the assessment.  You will receive coaching, but, won’t be and should not need to be “micro-managed”.  Due to the fact that the Fitness group will be working at the same time, they are the ones that will require the most attention.  This is not saying that you will not be coached, but will be taught how to get stronger more so than drilling technique due to lack of experience.  At this point, the weightlifting classes run from 6:30 to 8am on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and 6 to 7:30pm on Monday and Thursday evenings.  Those that wish to commit to the strength group would do so at the same times as well as Friday mornings.  Lately, the weightlifting classes have been starting earlier in the mornings, due to many of the participants schedules.  For some of you who couldn’t do the Olympic weightlifting classes because you need to be out by 7, if you were to start at 6am, you can do this!  Typically, the strength sessions won’t last much more than an hour (and shouldn’t) as long as you don’t dilly-dally!  You can expect that this type of program, at least initially, will be based off a version of Max-overload training with a hypertrophy emphasis.

    This will likely start on May 11 as of the beginning of the next Olympic weightlifting cycle.  If you have questions or interest in this program, please get in touch with Bryce!


    1. Larry on said:

      This is very exciting. It’s great to see you guys listening to your members and providing so many customization options. Whatever your goal fulcrum has a program.

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